How do I get access to the listing of vehicles for sale on your website?

Click on the vehicle title to get more information. You will be prompted your ID and password to view details. To supply your ID and Password, you would have to fill out the from and register from register page. After submit, you receive a confirmation mail automatically. Please access from the mail link to our site again. You can log in and access to our vehicle lists right away.

I'm still a bit hesitant to purchase a vehicle online, what are your comments about this?

We do understand our customer’s concerns. Miki Seiki Co. Ltd., has been selling vehicles online from 1996. We believe that it is important to build trust between the customers and ourselves. We encourage potential customers to monitor our website and see the activity of our sales.

Why are vehicles from Japan sold cheaper than vehicles in my own country?

We mainly sell vehicles that are domestic to the Japanese market (ie. made in Japan). The vehicles are not marked up as they would be if they were sold as imports in your country. Therefore, the prices appear to be cheaper especially if they are used or damaged vehicles compared to your own country. Even after shipping and registration payments, the vehicles are still considerably cheaper.
Miki-Seiki acts as a broker between private owners in Japan and overseas customers who are interested in buying those case. This is an advantage to our customers because of the reduced costs as well as receiving information such as service and repair records, current condition and so forth.

I am interested in purchasing a vehicle from your website. How do I proceed?

Please register as member and start researching vehicles at our site.
You would have to send a message with a quote of the particular vehicle you are interested in. From there a response will be given to notify if the bid was accepted. If accepted, we will send an invoice (via email, web message or fax) that will include the sale price of the vehicle and the shipping charges. You will be required to make a full (100%) payment of the vehicle prior to shipment. Once you receive the vehicle you will have to register the vehicle in your country and take the necessary steps to meet vehicle regulations in your respective country.

How should I make a payment to purchase a vehicle?

Payment should be made through a bank transfer.

How long would it take to ship a vehicle to my country?

We will finish shipping arrangement within one week. And usually you receive your vehicles about one month time.
Please see shipping page and there are major shipping company website links.
You can check time schedules.

Who arranges the shipment from Japan to my country?

Miki-Seiki Co. Ltd. will arrange the shipment. We will de-register the car in Japan. Then you, the buyer would have to register the vehicle in your country.

I'm interested in a damaged vehicle on your site. How do I find out where the damages are located?

The page for that particular vehicle will have a damage report that indicates specific areas of the vehicle and the type of damage. To search only damaged cars, select score *** and ??? If you buy damaged cars, we can arrange spare new/used parts and repair job at my factories. It should be noted that damaged vehicles are sold at reduced prices.

Is the steering wheel located on the left-side or right-side of the vehicle?

Since the cars are originally for the Japanese market, the steering wheel is located on the right-hand side of the vehicle. Japanese manufacturer models are only RHD (Right Hand Drive) that is available to the Japan market. But there are some imported LHD vehicles as well.