How to Buy

How to Buy

Step 1Make your request list
Please register and get member account. After the log in, make your request list from search cars page.

Step 2Miki Seiki contact with you
Will contact with you within 24hours and discuss details of your requests.

Step 3Show all request cars to world wide
Showing your requests to potential customers who own cars and considering to sale.

Step 4Gather all information sale and request.
Find out the matching information

Step 5inform to members
When a requested vehicle becomes available in the market, the member will receive an e-mail notification.

Step 6Inspect cars
Will inspect cars at supplier yard(private owner garage, auction house or Miki Seiki yard/factory) and report you full details.

Step 7deal
Issue the invoice and report shipping condition. Please TT payment 100% within 48hours.

Step 8shipping arrangement
After confirmation your payment, arrange transportation, custom clearance and all paperwork for shipping.

Step 9Documents
When ship left from Japan, send you Surrendered B/L, shipping invoice and original export certificate by EMS. Report EMS item number when posted.

Step10Receive your car at port
You clear the custom and arrange importation paperwork at port. Also arrange transportation and register car at local transport office. If you need importation and register arrangement, introduce you my local partners.

Finding cars
Miki Seiki unit: Just click search. Top units are my company stock and private/supplier vehicles.

Wholesale unit If you want to search all market units, check search cars button and select each parameters like make, model, year, color, score, mileage and then, click search button. When you look after particular model and spec. you can save your request details on database. When matching cars come up, send you alarm mails directly.


(Auction bidding and sales procedure)
Our direct e-mail report will be frequently updated with the most recent vehicles picked up from our customers request lists.
Firstly, we will list the target FOB price of the auction result (from past few weeks) and will confirm your budget price.
Secondly, our mechanics will inspect vehicles and confirm whether the vehicle's condition meets your requirement before the bidding starts.
Thirdly, we would require your credit card information before the auction begins.
The information will be strictly confidential and would only be used in case of a cancellation or delay of payment (10% of the settled price would be deducted)..
Finally, once the sales of the vehicle is confirmed, we would require you to pay the full amount through telegraphic transfer.

Shipping Charge

Roll on Roll off ship
Passenger vehicles by RORO (roll-on roll-off ship)
Free (included at FOB price) + shipping freight Container

Custom, transport, packing and THC (Terminal Handling Charges)
20 feet: 80,000 yen + shipping freight
40 feet: 110,000 yen + shipping freight


Documents Delivery

Import Information


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