How to Sell

How to Sell

Miki Seki main business is vehicles and parts exporting from Japan to world wide.
But we importing to Japan and also, trilateral trade like UK customer’s vehicles exporting to New-zealand & Carribean buyers. Buy cars from Singapore and export to South Africa.
We would like you join Miki Seiki web site and update your cars and requests anytime.
Miki seiki website will become your international car markets

Payment team
Miki Seiki issue invoices and receive your TT payment and deposit to your bank from Miki Seiki.

Miki Seiki has all right for this web site.
You can add. Vehicles like passenger cars, truck, bus and heavy machinally.
Also, damaged condition, repaired, non-damaged used and new cars.
But necessary your exact car condition report when listing. If you are privater or non-professional, please report us about that too. When any damaged or problem find out after the deal, you might have claim or cancel the deal.
Free charge to add. On web site and can update 24hours a day.


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